All I Want For Christmas Is Gains And Losses

All I Want For Christmas Is Gains And Losses

Forget my two front teeth – I want my progress on my goals! I want more lean muscle mass and less fat. Be honest – Everyone wants muscle gains. Everyone wants fat loss. But not everyone makes it more than a christmas list wish or new years resolution. ‘Everyone wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die.’

It’s time to stop wishing and start hoping! Christmas is about HOPE. Hope, true hope is to look forward to something with expectation! Wishing is simply a lofty thought about a farfetched reality. Are you wishing? Are you hoping? What’s the difference? You make the difference.

STOP WISHING! Wishing puts the results in the hands of some mystical thing that’s out of your control. Leaving things up to ‘serendipity’ or ‘fate’ is a hopeless life, hopeless goals and depressed mindsets about wishes never coming true. ¬†Wishing is futile so stop leaning into a wish. Stop watching videos of people achieving YOUR GOALS for themselves, and start taking control.

START HOPING! Hope requires faith. It requires that you believe that what you are doing is working and will continue to work until you see that muscle gain and fat loss goal achieved. Have faith in the process – It takes time, but eventually it’ll all turn out. Stay consistent. Start hoping! Face each meal, each workout as it is: another brick in the wall, piece by piece you’ll build a monument of HOPE. It’s funny, if you start hoping – you’ll end up an inspiration. A HOPE bringer and giver. You have to prove it to yourself and everyone else that your goals are more than wishful thinking. You are hopeful and determined. You will see those muscle gains and you will burn the fat off. Start hoping in your future reality, a dream soon to come true.

This Christmas make a decision to shift your mindset from wishful thinking to Hope. Show yourself hope, show yourself that it is working and keep at it. You’ll see that Hope become a beacon of Hope – You are an inspiration waiting to happen. There are many wishing for Hope – Do it for you, Do it for them. Merry Christmas!

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