The quick fix is a BINGE

The quick fix is a BINGE

There’s a point to this, just humor me.  Binge eating! What does it make you think of? It makes me think of those nights when I just want Peanut butter and jelly!!! I do it up like a pro. One slice of bread. A knife of peanut butter and a spoon full of jelly; fold it up like a taco and it’s gone in 2 bites. Who has time to spread it out – I’m on a friggin binge, give me another!!!

I’m no genius to point out that this is bad idea. But it’s my experience. Something in me clicks. I respond to a desire, a perceived need, a deficit and binge like crazy. All the while I tell myself that I need it, that I’ve been deprived of calories and carb. I tell myself fairy tales like that I will spend 2 hours at the gym to pay for it – but like most fairy tales that never comes true. Why is that – you can not win in a fight of binges.


You cannot combat that impulsive eating by ‘binge dieting’ or ‘binge training.’ It’s pure insanity. A life style of punishing yourself for making  diet mistake is a lifestyle of punishment. Eventually – like most normal people; you’ll just stop punishing yourself. You’ll come to your senses and let yourself eat without the shame. You’ll stop going to the gym because the gym is a place for punishment, or the gym is a place you go to in order to break even with yesterdays pizza.


Look, binge eating might not be your thing. but you might binge on your workouts. take 2 months off and try to make it all up in a week. This is not healthy. It stresses your body out and causes it to want to conserve energy producing lethargy and ultimately slowing your progress. You have to make life style changes to overcome binging. You have to believe what is true about you and your body and live out that truth. So start asking the right questions and adjust life style – do some ‘life-styling’ in response.


“Why did I binge?” Probably because you were craving a body change, not a life style change. Perhaps it’s because your lifestyle was deficient and you malnourished yourself which led to uncontrollable animal like cravings. Be honest with yourself and above all. Be patient with yourself. If you are hones and listen to your body you’ll know all you need to know. Life style changes don’t happen by force in short periods of time, that’s called binging and it never ends well.


If what you’ve been trying leads you to the ‘start-stop’ inconsistency most people experience with their fitness and diet goals; then you have to learn to be less impulsive. Take your time, Rome wasn’t built in a day, neither will your abs be sculpted in a week. Take time to educate yourself and embrace each change fully. Understand what and why you are doing what you’re doing. Be consistent (see my article on progress) and slow down a little. It’s hard to be a Binger if you are slowing down and enjoying the process. I imagine I would eat a lot less PBnJ if I would just take the time to properly spread the peanut butter and jelly out and enjoy each bite. I also imagine you will love your progress when you take the time to appreciate and enjoy the process – even if it means being less impulsive and celebrating the small successes along the way. Don’t wreck yourself going at it like a speed demon. Get better results by slowing down in your life style changes. You’ll thank yourself later. You don’t want, and you don’t need a quick fix. You need a true sustainable life change, just like the rest of us.

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  1. Hi Anthony! You have some great tips here! I wanted to stop by and thank you for linking up with my No Rules Weekend Blog Party! I hope you had a Merry Christmas and I wish you and your family a Happy New Year! 2017 here we come 🙂

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