Coffee Is a Super-Suppliment!

Coffee Is a Super-Suppliment!

Coffee, The sound, the smell, the thought of it brings us pleasure. They call it an ‘acquired’ taste. Not sure what that means anyways, really! But heres the scoop on your morning scoop of dirt from heaven – coffee is one of the best pre-workout drinks ever. I’m going to focus on four things that coffee does. Short and sweet. Oh but there’s a rule, drink it black for it’s best effects.

Coffee increases fat burn and energy: Not only does the caffeine boost your metabolism throughout the day, but the combination of other goodies in your morning cup possess fat burning preferences in your body for fat to be metabolized. The fat burning effects of your coffee are increased all the more in the gym – this makes coffee your ‘fat burn secret.’ Here’s the catch. The fat burning properties of coffee are drawn out when you don’t feed your coffee the fat and sugars it wants – in other words: no cream or sugar. Black coffee wins. If you provide the calories and the fat with the coffee when you drink it, your body won’t preference to burn stored energy (fat) it’ll just handle the ready to be metabolized stuff in your gut.

Coffee is an appetite suppressant: If you are like me, you like to work out in a ‘fasted state’ and regularly pair coffee with ‘intermittent fasting.’ Coffee is the trick. coffee tells your body to pull energy from your glycogen and fat stores, and your body will listen if there isn’t much in that tummy to grab ahold of. Think about it, when you are on the treadmill you might feel a little hungry, but the body is preferencing fat for energy and therefore doesn’t send as many ‘food’ signals. But why the aerobic exercise ends – then the food cravings start. Coffee helps to put your body in the mood for a workout and curb the cravings before and after it.

Better Performance and Less Muscle Pain: I thought I’d pair the most obvious – better performance – with the less obvious – decreased muscle pain during the workout. Coffee helps you get those extra reps or steps in. The burn comes a little later when you’re on the coffee. This means the workouts don’t hurt so much, or if you’re like me, they hurt just as much – just after you get more work in; which ought to be the goal – maximize your workouts with coffee.

Remember: this works best when you have your coffee black, and everything is maximized for the fat burn when you are at least semi-fasted. Don’t forget, coffee has the capability to squeeze water out of your cells, so drink plenty of water before and during your workout to stay hydrated and healthy.

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  1. Dermot Veego says:

    Great article! Coffee is a fantastic tool to improve performance and it’s great to see it being promoted!

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