One word you must know to get the results you want.

One word you must know to get the results you want.

Buzz words. Everybody goes by them. Those short mantras we all can recall: ‘no pain, no gain,’ ‘what doesn’t kill me will make me stronger,’ ‘winners never quit.’ ‘hakunah matata.’ All of these things are nice and all. But you can say them all you want, you can believe yourself while you say them too. Will it change anything? Words are cheap – they are easy, but some words are heavy and they call you to action better than others.

There is one word, so powerful that it has built empires and overcome the toughest of predicaments. It’s more than a word, it’s a rule to live by, a lifestyle that will always produce fruit after sweet fruit. ‘Consistency.’ Consistency is the skeleton key. let me briefly explain how this all works every time:


Look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself an honest question: how did I get to be this way? If you are built like a greek God, you know the answer – you consistently worked you’re butt off in the gym, you consistently picked the best foods for your bodies needs, you consistently did the right things. But if you are like most normal people in the world, you look in the mirror and the answer is consistent excuses, neglects, fast food, conveniences and overwhelming stress. You didn’t gain 100 pounds over night, you didn’t wake up and all of the sudden realize your whole wardrobe is 5 sizes too small.


You will not take a pill and wake up skinny. You will not drink a tub of whey protein isolate and gain 20 pounds of lean mass in a week. There is no such thing as a quick fix. Accept it. It’s gonna take time to dig yourself out of the things that have been built over years.


Three key factors must change in order for you to get the results you desire.

  1. NUTRITION – This is the paramount ingredient in changing your life. If you get everything else right, but the nutrition doesn’t change accordingly – your results will be discouraging – and that discouragement fights hard against the will to be consistent
  2. ACTIVITY – You must tell your body what you want it to do – Make it something fun and challenging. If you hate every aspect of working out, you’ll want to quit before you fully buy into the benefits it produces. If you can be consistent in increasing and modeling you activity around the goals you set, you’ll start loving it, and it will love you back.
  3. STRESS – Reduce your stress level. Get adequate sleep! a good night sleep does wonders for stress levels. Also HAVE SOME FUN!!! Go see a movie with friends and family. Go for a walk, read a book, pray, meditate. Do what you can to manage your stress levels throughout the day.  Stress is also released through consistent diet and activity changes.


DECIDE to be consistent now. Decide to pick a program and stick with it. If all you are is consistent in dragging your feet or quitting and switching approaches to your goals; you’ll have a long and arduous journey towards moderate, lackluster results. Be consistent, follow through and be honest with yourself.




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